We Are Proud to Fly the Flag for Our Veterans

As we consider the young men and women who have fought for our freedom throughout the years, whether overseas and protecting our borders at home, the words “You’re a grand ole’ flag, you’re a high-flying flag” take on special meaning. As Americans – and as people from Cridersville, Ohio… Read More

5 Ways to Honor Your Loved One in the Years After Their Death 

In talking to our Cridersville families over the years, many have described how grief has a tendency to “sneak in” after losing a loved one. Our staff at Bayliff & Son Funeral Home can relate. Something as simple as hearing a particular song on the… Read More

Our Family Serving Yours

Family-owned businesses, such as Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, build their reputation by delivering on their promises. For the Bayliff & Son family, this means surpassing expectations as we serve our neighbors in Cridersville. Our family has owned and operated Bayliff & Son Funeral Home for… Read More

Why Grief Often Heightens During Spring and Summer

“Every May, my mom helped me plant a garden. She died last fall and I tear up even thinking about shopping for flowers without her.” “When the weather would warm up, my grandpa made his famous BBQ chicken just about every weekend. Now that he’s gone, even the smell of… Read More

Top 5 FAQs about our pet services

French poet Anatole France wrote, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Our staff here at Bayliff & Son Funeral Home agrees – and we also understand that losing a pet creates a unique kind of sorrow. When it’s time to… Read More

4 Tips When It’s Time to Care for an Aging Parent

There is good news to share on the current health of our country: Americans are living longer than ever before. With that news comes a caveat, in that longer life spans confront us with new, and often daunting, challenges…especially when it comes to caring for an aging family member. Sometimes,… Read More

With a Livestream Service, You Can Still Be Present for a Loved One’s Funeral

As COVID-19 regulations continue to restrict the number of people who can gather in Cridersville, many families are facing their loved one’s death alone – without the benefits of gathering for a visitation, funeral, burial, or reception. At a time like this, when groups aren’t able to… Read More

5 Ways to Relieve Loneliness During a Quarantine

All across Cridersville, people are spending their days inside waiting for the end of the COVID-19 crisis. At Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, we are doing our best to serve our community during this time of uncertainty. We know that many of you are separated from family, friends, and neighbors. Read More

Creating a Meaningful Tribute on a Budget

At Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, it’s our privilege to serve people from all faiths, cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. It does not matter what your needs or budget are, because we are going to help you craft a service that is memorable and personal. They say the… Read More

Self-Care During a Crisis is a Must

The year 2020 is not going as planned. As COVID-19 travels across the globe, it is natural to feel heightened anxiety, disappointment, and stress. The coming days and weeks are unknown, and the unknown can be frightening. It’s important to heed local and national health guidelines, and practice self-care to… Read More