At Bayliff & Son, we want to help each family tell the story of their loved one’s life with their funeral service. If there is one thing you can say about many of the people in Cridersville, they have a healthy respect for the land, for animals, and for the natural resources that make their lives possible. Many know firsthand how critical these resources are to daily life and how important their conservation is to their survival.


With this focus on resource awareness, as well as a desire to seek simplicity in all areas of life, more and more Auglaize County families are choosing green burial as a way to express their own worldview. So, what is green burial and why do people choose it? For starters, only non-toxic embalming fluids and containers with non-toxic coating are used. There is only a biodegradable casket with no burial vault, and the gravesite is allowed to return to nature.


The benefits of green burial are plentiful. The biggest one is conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. Green burial conserves the precious metals that would be used for a casket and vault. Also, it protects the earth from the toxic fluids released into the sewer system when an individual embalmed with the wrong fluids is buried.


Lastly, many people love the idea of being in eternal rest in the natural Ohio terrain. Green burial preserves the natural landscape populated by native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. Graves may be hand prepared to avoid the use of equipment and marked with fieldstones, GPS chips, or native plants. For someone who has an appreciation for nature, it may be the perfect way to express their passion. If you choose to preplan with us, you can specify that you prefer a green burial. With Bayliff & Son the opportunities for personalization are nearly endless!


We invite you to reach out to our staff any time to learn more about your green burial options at Bayliff & Son. Of course, we also offer full, traditional burial and cremation as well. Whatever your needs, our team can meet them.