As COVID-19 regulations continue to restrict the number of people who can gather in Cridersville, many families are facing their loved one’s death alone – without the benefits of gathering for a visitation, funeral, burial, or reception. At a time like this, when groups aren’t able to gather in person, support is needed more than ever.

At Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, we understand just how heartbreaking this time is for Ohio-area families– especially those experiencing the death of someone close to them. Getting together with family and friends after a death to offer comfort and support is an essential step in the grieving process.

Because we want to help families however we can – especially as the COVID-19 crisis continues indefinitely – we are bringing our livestreaming services front and center. This means family and friends can watch the service happening live, all from the comfort and safety of home. There is also the option to watch a recording of the service.

Attending a livestream funeral is simple, even for those who are not familiar with technology. Bayliff & Son Funeral Home offers a private broadcast (as opposed to posting a live feed on social media) which is easily accessible through our website.

Another way to offer families support from a distance is by leaving them a message on our obituaries page by clicking the Leave a Message, Share a Memory button.

Within our facilities, we are doing everything within our power to provide a safe and clean environment. Our restrooms are fully stocked with antibacterial soap, and our staff is working diligently to clean and sanitize all of our locations regularly.

We will continue working to ensure that all families are able to celebrate their loved ones. We will provide as many options as possible and remain flexible in serving families as they make decisions on how to proceed.

During these uncertain times, we encourage you to contact our staff via phone or video chat. If your family is planning a funeral and wants to include a livestreaming option, talk to our staff about it. Cridersville families have depended on us during difficult times for decades – and we continue to be here, ready to help as always.