Why Should You Choose a Funeral Home with Its Own Crematory?

When we’re talking to a family about end-of-life arrangements for their loved one here at Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, we’re always sure to mention that we own our own on-site crematory. Why is this an important part of the conversation?   There are many reasons, starting with the… Read More

Personalization – Show What Made Your Loved One Special

At Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, we believe every life represents a unique story. When it comes time to say goodbye to your loved one, our goal is to help you tell their own story in the most meaningful and personal way possible. Our caring team will listen to your stories, needs, and… Read More

7 Funeral Industry Terms You May Not Know

People who aren’t involved in the funeral industry may not understand some of the terms that come up while they’re planning a funeral or memorial service. To help our neighbors navigate this unfamiliar territory, our team at Bayliff & Son Funeral Home put together a list of 7 funeral… Read More

5 Ways to Honor Your Loved One in the Years After Their Death 

In talking to Cridersville community members over the years, many have described how grief has a tendency to “sneak in” after losing a loved one. Our staff at Bayliff & Son Funeral Home can relate. Something as simple as hearing a particular song on the radio… Read More

What are Our Options? Alternatives to Traditional Funerals

If a member of our care team asked you what you envision for your own funeral, what would you say? Would it look like other services you have attended, perhaps held in a place of worship or a funeral home? Would you want a formal gathering, solemn in… Read More

Q&A – What Are My Options for Final Disposition

One of the most important decisions you will make when it comes time to plan a funeral for someone you love, or for yourself when preplanning, is choosing a final resting place – or final disposition option. There are many preferences, cultural elements, and religious requirements that… Read More

“Mommy, when is Grandma coming back?”— Explaining Death to Children

Knowing what to say to children when a loved one dies can be a challenge. Many Cridersville families have approached our team at ­­­­Bayliff & Son Funeral Home over the years wondering about the “best” ways to handle such a complex and emotional topic. In our work… Read More