When a loved one dies, there’s an immediate sense of their absence and a feeling of longing to be close to them again. Though there’s no replacing the special person you miss, a permanent memorial can help facilitate the healing process. At Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, we understand the importance of commemorating a loved one. Our staff encourages families in Cridersville to personalize their loved one’s memory with a plaque, headstone, or grave marker.

Here are a few reasons why a permanent memorial is always important:


A permanent memorial is a special place dedicated to your loved one.

Though your loved one will live on in your heart, it’s helpful to establish a lasting memorial that you and your family can visit from time to time. Whether it’s located at a local cemetery or alternative spot, be sure it’s convenient and easy to reach, especially if you plan to go there often. Perhaps your loved one had a preselected place in mind for their memorial. In that case, we do encourage the family to honor their loved one’s choices.


A permanent memorial promotes healing.


When the funeral service ends, some families feel lost as far as what to do next or where to go to feel closer to their loved ones. Having a specific place to visit to remember a loved one offers comfort and healing during the grieving process and promotes closure. A memorial provides a place to leave flowers and other keepsake items for your loved one. If you feel you need additional support navigating the grieving process, our funeral home offers grief recovery resources.


A permanent memorial will last for generations to come.


When a loved one dies, it’s common to worry about whether their memory will live on. Setting up a permanent remembrance for them in a cemetery or well-maintained setting ensures visitors to their memorial for years in the future. A permanent memorial also gives you and your children a special place to share together.


Memorials for families who choose cremation


Many people worry that choosing cremation will limit their choices of service options. At our funeral home, we can accommodate any request when it comes to memorializing your loved one. Cremation also gives you the opportunity to commemorate your loved one via a hand-selected cremation urn placed in a cremation niche or a piece of keepsake jewelry.


If you’d like to find out more about the options for permanent memorials at our funeral home, contact our experienced team today. We are here for you 24/7 and ready to answer any questions you may have.