At Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, we believe every life represents a unique story. When it comes time to say goodbye to your loved one, our goal is to help you tell their own story in the most meaningful and personal way possible. Our caring team will listen to your stories, needs, and wishes to create a personalized and memorable funeral for your loved one.


Personalization really is all about honoring what your loved one stood for and valued. If your mother loved her garden, you could hand out seeds of her favorite flower for guests to plant in their gardens at home. At Bayliff & Son, there are many ways to celebrate your loved one.


One of the most popular ways to honor a loved one is with a video tribute. During such a difficult time, it is important to remember the happy times and the beautiful memories that you made together.


Don’t forget that personalization when making prearrangements is also a way for you to express your own story. Imagine your loved one’s delight and surprise when they hear your favorite book quoted during your service, or hear your favorite song played graveside. These little touches are what will stay in your family’s hearts forever. Our dedicated preplanning specialists are able to collaborate with you to discover and highlight essential personalized elements, ensuring that your unique story is beautifully shared.


The experienced, compassionate team at Bayliff & Son is here to help in any way we can, and we will make sure you or your loved one’s personality shines through.